In order to promote education and historical roots with the region, two exhibits from the Museum of Natural and Cultural History of the Atacama Desert, linked to dinosaurs from northern Chile, and traditional Andean culture, were exhibited in the inland town of Caspana.

According to Osvaldo Rojas, Director of MUHNCAL, these bodies seek to offer the whole community the opportunity to know in a different way the territory it inhabits. “We are on our mission to show the varied display of manifestations offered by our desert, to make a better understanding of the memorable facts of our past. To this end, the constant interest in the work we carry out on a daily basis vibrates: the promotion of knowledge of the conquest of life on this earth,” he explains.

For the fulfillment of this objective to be comprehensive, it is that in addition to the permanent samples that they house in their dependencies, they have other itinerants, which in this case take them to the Ethnographic Museum of Caspana with the exhibitions: “Dinosaurs of the north of Chile”, and “Rescue and value of heritage photographs that portray traditional Andean life and culture (1940-1975)”, which in addition to encompassing an extensive historical period, are characterized by their strong roots with the area, capable of captivating both large like little ones.

This activity carried out by MUHNCAL, and promoted by the Museum and Heritage Area of the Culture and Tourism Corporation of the Illustrious Municipality of Calama, was present for a week in the town of Caspana with the purpose that this community could to come and observe a material sample of the life and cultural richness of their ancestors; goal that it has far fulfilled.