This area, which teaches about the origin of life on earth, contains a map with various extinct species from different eras of our geological history found in the region to underline important traits of Jurassic flora and wildlife found in these lands! This room is one of the preferred by children because it allows them to enjoy pictures and information of the marine Jurassic animals of Calama.

This room holds the remains of spines and teeth, from the fossilization processes, which have endured over the time for millions of years.

Artistic mockups are placed in this room to permit everyone a quick understanding of their importance in the process of evolution and the geographical location where fossils were discovered.

Undoubtedly, the main attractions here are the Triassic’s species replicas such as Aetosaurus, known as “Dinosaurs’ ancestors” who initially crawled until they learnt “standing” on their feet and, the gigantic Sauropods, which traits were found around “Cerro Quimal” (Quimal Hill), near the Salar from Atacama

Complement the collection. Mockups of the Pterodactyls, the most famous rappers in the world, and the 11 vertebrae of a Plesiosaur complement this collection that transport observers to an initial era. The paleontological information contained in the showcases permits us to motivate the curiosity and interest of visitors. In order to strength the research interest, the Museum cares about answering all question that may arise from invitees relying on updated scientific studies and research findings.