As its name implies, the exposition shows, beautifully, various insect species worldwide including 200 types of butterflies, beetles and other wonders of nature from Chile and foreign countries.

In 1994, when this project began to be forged, expositions were peripatetic and hosted in several cities of the region. Later, they were settled permanently in the first room of the enclosure to prevent mainly damage or deterioration of entomological collections. These collections are very popular specially among children.

The principal goal of this area is to spark public interest when entering the museum, which offers an amazing sight to their visitors.

The sizes, shapes and colors of insects impress motivation of visitors who are able to understand how impressive nature is. Tours in this area allow to audience to observe the sizes of scorpions, variations of butterflies ‘colors and their mimicry features, the wonderful collection of snails and other wildlife creatures. These walks, which are free path, are a real opportunity to approach people with the previous non-native faunae mentioned.